If a student is to be away from school for unavoidable reasons, the homeroom teacher and the Vice Principal should be notified in advance, either in writing or by phone. The student will receive a form to take to all teachers to get assignments to be done while away.

If a student needs to leave early for any reason, he/she must bring a note from home, and give this to the Vice Principal or Dean of Students to receive a pass to give the guards at the school gate.

If the Vice Principal determines that a student should be sent home, he/she will issue a leaving-campus pass to the student.

When a student returns after one or more days of absence he/she must bring a written note from parents explaining the reason for the absence. This note is given to the homeroom teacher.

If a student is going to be absent for a period of time, the homeroom teacher should be advised in writing. The student will receive a form to be filled out by all teachers indicating assignments and materials covered.


Excused absences will be also counted on the student's absence (unless student/parent provides a medical report upon student's return.)



ZIS considers absences for any reason other than illness or emergency to be an unexcused absence. When absent from school, students miss participating in discussions, working collaboratively in groups, asking and responding to questions, working with ‘hands on’ and other educational materials, interacting with the learning environment, exposure to the teachers’ instruction, and social interaction with peers. Students should not ask lightly to do classroom based tasks at home because assignments completed outside of a classroom cannot take the place of actual classroom experience. It is a student’s responsibility to know about the homework given by his teacher from his classmates during his absence from school. It is not the teacher’s responsibility to remind a student of missed assignments.



A student may be disciplined for repeated absences for reasons other than academic or medical reasons. Upon the student’s failure to comply with the attendance requirements, the school will conduct a meeting between administration, the student's parent/guardian, and the student in an effort to resolve the attendance problem.



Students should stay at home when they are ill, even if they want to come, particularly if they are coughing or have a fever. It is better for them and only fair to the other students. A written excuse should be given to the homeroom teacher upon return.

The school should be advised of infectious diseases via telephone. In the case of infection, all parents will be informed of possible symptoms to watch for. Students taking antibiotics should stay at home until the treatment is completed, unless a note from the doctor gives permission for the student to attend school. Please note that no medication can be administered by class teachers. A note from the doctor or the Principal is required to dispense medicine. Should a student have an accident at school, teachers will administer first aid. If the people in charge believe the student should be seen by a doctor, the student’s parent(s) will be notified.

Please ensure that the school is immediately notified of changes in contact telephone numbers. Please make sure the school has your mobile telephone number and a reliable emergency number. With this number, the school should be able to reach a responsible adult that you nominate to act on your behalf should we be unable to reach you.



Students are not permitted to leave the school campus during the day unless it has been approved by the administration and parental permission has been provided. This permission must be directed to the administrative office and must come in the way of a written parental request or parental consent via telephone call/confirmation.



Students who are late for school must register at the office upon arrival and get a pass for class. Students who are late for the class must get a note from the office. Repeated unexcused lateness and absences will result in detention or other consequences.