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The scholastic expectations of the school are high. We expect our students to be high achievers. The tests and exams monitor the progress of the students through the course of study. Tests and exams are designed to be demanding for the students.


Formal tests or exams will not be given to Kindergarten and Primary classes. These Primary classes should be assessed according to the guidelines of the teachers’ books for primary subjects.

There will be visa and final examinations for High School. Each term 3 marks are given to the student for each lesson. First Visa will be given in the middle of the first term. Teachers will give the second visa marks according to homework, class activity and attendance of the student. Final exam will be conducted at the end of each term.

Term marks will be given as:

Visa 1: 30%

Visa 2: 30%

Final: 40%

The final grade for the end of the school year will be the average of both term marks.

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