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Pastoral Care Program


The pastoral care program is designed to look after the well-being of students in all aspects including academic, behavioral, emotional, and physical. The pastoral care program at ZIS is comprised of the homeroom system.

The following items are important components of the pastoral care program:

  • ZIS has committed homeroom teachers who closely look after the welfare of all their homeroom students.
  • Regular meetings of all grade level teachers take place to discuss individual student concerns.
  • In the event of concerns about a student's academic situation or behavior, homeroom teachers collect comments about each student on a weekly progress reporting system from all of the student's teachers and meet with the student on a weekly basis to discuss progress and strategies to overcome any difficulties.
  • Parents are informed if there is an extraordinary event such as unexplained absences or disciplinary problems.
  • Problems of a more urgent nature are dealt with immediately and may involve the Vice Principal, the Principal, and parents.
  • In critical situations, parents are involved immediately and conferences are initiated; the conclusions of these conferences are documented and all parties are kept informed.
  • For minor infractions, students are given a warning and parents are informed.
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