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Breaks & Lunch Time


During all school breaks and lunch times, students are to use the following areas for their relaxation:

the back of the building and canteen

The school library is open to students during the break times and high school lunch time.


Students who choose to use the multipurpose room for their lunch will ensure that the guidelines below are followed:

· Students enter the multipurpose room in an orderly manner, taking seats at tables.

· Appropriate table manners and proper etiquette are expected of all students at all times

· Every child is responsible for cleaning his/her table eating area and throwing away the trash

· Food and drinks are not allowed in classrooms.


No students may eat while walking through the school hallways or in class. During break time, food and drinks are permitted outside the school building or in the canteen area, but not in the hallways.

In an effort to insure that students are eating in accordance with their parents’ wishes and also to avoid potential health hazards in regard to food consumed on school premises the following rules is now in effect.

Only food from students` homes and the school cafeteria may be consumed on the school premises. No deliveries from bakeries (such as cakes food etc) are allowed (students may order special items from the cafeteria to celebrate birthdays, etc.)


There is a large purpose-built cafeteria on the ground floor. Hot lunches are prepared by the canteen staff. Students can either bring their food in the morning or can buy from the canteen.



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