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Dear Parents,

Over the course of the first quarter, we sought after many of our parents, teachers and students for their feedback on whether the inclusion of lessons on Saturday as part of the school week was viable.

During the discussions, we gathered a general consensus amongst families that the weekends are valuable family days. As our school mission points out, we acknowledge the parents’ inevitable role in the development of a whole person and we respect this attitude.

After having pondered much over the best possible alternatives to the pilot timetable, we have revised the timetable as per the attached daily Bell schedule.

You will notice from this:

(1)               we are back to having a 5 day school week,

(2)               we have eliminated the reading hour session,

(3)               we have separated extra-curricular activities including clubs from the class hours.


Even though we recognize that reading hour sessions are vital in their purpose to encourage literacy among our students, we deemed to see the morning reading sessions be scheduled as school clubs activity so as to create a better reading environment for our avid readers. The whole aim is that the rest of the students will follow suit in desiring to attain better reading skills and reap its benefits.


You will note from the schedule that we have decided to replace reading hour sessions with mandatory classes. By doing so, we are able to leave out mandatory lessons on Saturdays as with the revised timetable; we are able to accommodate the lessons in the daily schedule within weekdays (5 days), 9 sessions per day.

We also recognize that Saturdays are not only important in terms of family days but also as a day that can be spent for remedial classes for the students who need additional support to succeed in their studies. Moreover, students could use the Saturdays to organize teamwork activity for leisure, project work and extended field trips.


We have introduced Music lessons in the lower grades - grades 7, 8 and 10, to be exact. All grades enjoy PE lessons unlike the previous years. We will do more in future to enhance the curriculum and to address the education philosophy of Zaman, that is to strive to incorporate the experiences, culture and perspectives of our students; specifically, an appreciation of Cambodia's culture and its contribution to the heritage of the civilized world.

Please find attached the club list to this letter. The list contains free and paid clubs as we referred to in our previous letter dated September 6, 2013. (The entire message can be read at www.zamanisc.com). We would like to reiterate that Clubs are not mandatory and your child may choose any activity or additional classes in his own interest or use this time at his own will. If you have any suggestions regarding clubs, please email Mr Maksat Arykchiev at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or arrange a meeting with him at school.

 In order to maximize the effectiveness of weekdays, we welcome your feedback and suggestions in terms of your child’s social and academic development. For instance, would you like the school organize extra tuition for students who believe they should learn more? If you have any comment on this, please schedule a meeting with Ms Yasemin Atasever (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ) or Mr Muhtor Adashev (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ), Vice Principals, Academic Affairs through the school reception desk.

 Continue to reach the top with us.


Mustafa Guler


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