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Supplementary International Curriculum

As ZIS we offer International curriculum to the students who would like to study all subjects in English. Students sit in class together in main subjects and divided in the afternoon according to the curriculum that they choose. Students who would like to study Khmer will join Khmer classes and students who would like to study all subjects in English language will join International class.


Students who join to the International class will study;



A fun and relaxing way of having students learn is in this course. Educational  and informative, children's film are watched together by the class. Raising of motive questions, predicting outcomes of the different scenes are done beforehand.


This course follows right after viewing a film from audio visual lesson. Children are involved to different activities such as writing their own ending about the film/ story, musical or poem composition , role playing, characters representation making, picture descriptions or captions and more mind provoking activities.


This course study pertains to variety and uniqueness in the animal world. Their habitats, adaptation, reproduction and origin. Aside from classroom activities, students are also guided to internet search and outside observation.



In Art & Drama, the students prepare a variety of art projects by using various art media such as drawing and painting and express their talents and productivity. Also, they practice basic drama skills such as reading poems and acting short conversations and dialogues.


The aim of this subject is to lead the students to express good manners among society and in social areas such as school, home, hospital, restaurant etc.


Mathematics curriculum gives general knowledge for students who want to solve a level of challenging problems; this subject is a perfect choice. Worksheets with challenging activities are given to the students. Students also use their logic to come up with art skills related to the subject given.


In World History children learn many things about the different traditions and cultures of the different countries around the world.

The goal is for students to develop a positive attitude towards this subject so that they can become more confident in their ability to undertake the problems of a changing world.

Discovery Science

An understanding of science and its relation to our world. Lessons are taught in a simple, fun and interactive manner and through pointed questions that aim to stimulate the young minds to think and create interest and excitement.



An educational and fun activity time for your child! Through cooking, your child learns Math, explores Science, Language, Motor and Social skills and character developments.


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