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Khmer Geography Grade 7

Students will learn about the shape and importance of the earth, the increment of the world's population, the living condition of people in hot and pole areas. Students will know the reasons and difficulty of losing forests. Moreover, the students will be aware of natural phenomena, environment, and the stability of politics and economics in Cambodia.

Khmer Geography Grade 8

The course helps the students to be aware of the weather conditions in Asia: Southeast Asia, East Asia, and South Asia. Students also get to learn the environment and economy of some other countries in Asia.

Khmer Geography Grade 9

The course helps the students to know the nature, political and economic stability of Cambodia. Students become aware of geography, politics, population, and economy of some Asian countries.

Khmer Geography Grade 10

Lesson provides practical knowledge and concept about the types of industry which are key to make the economy grow. Students become aware of how modern industries have bad effects on the environment. Students are also encouraged to compare different types of agriculture with those of other countries. Students learn how to develop family living standard, association, and their country. Students participate in the social activities in order to develop family plans and find good solutions to decrease population in crowded cities.

Khmer Geography Grade 11

Students are able to find out the ways how to overcome the obstacles that are faced by people. Students learn how to prevent soil erosion, forest, and wild life. They learn about the sources and disadvantages of the air pollution, water pollution and noise pollution. Understanding the advantages of the international trade, students are able to realize the importance of the economic development. Course will create willingness in students to preserve the infrastructure, such as roads, buildings…etc as well.

Khmer Geography Grade 12
  • Helps students to get a good behavior, concept and education of social condition and unequal balance of population increment, economic problems, and the preparation of cities in Cambodia.
  • Students will know about economic system, natural environment, the society that mixes many nations, and the development in the United States.
  • Students will know and understand about natural phenomena and how these relate to economic development of Japan.
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